We are happy and excited to welcome Suzana Sutton to our team at VDX Cape, She has Susana Suttonbeen employed as one of our Lab technologist.
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Suzana Sutton: I completed a BSc Masters in Biotechnology at Wits before
getting married. After taking some time off to raise 2 kids, I returned to
academics to complete my PhD under Prof Valerie Mizrahi ( currently Director of
IIDMM, UCT ), funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates TB Drug Accelerator Grant.
I completed my postdoctoral studies at UCT, where I spent 3 years at the
Immunology Department, researching host pathogen interaction, followed by 2
years at the Chemical Engineering department, CeBER (Centre for Bioprocess
Engineering Research).
I enjoy spending time outdoors, walking my Labrador, Diesel, or mountain biking
with my son. Do regular camping weekend getaways with the family ☺

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