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night-vetsDr Karlien Penning
TAH Bellville

Karlien is all the way from Pretoria. Her love and passion for small animals has been the drive behind her goal to become a veterinarian. She loves to spend her free time walking her four dogs called Stoffels, Lifi, Woefels and Sokkies.
What makes Karlien unique is that she does ballet, so you can always expect a little extra Allégro in her steps.
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Dr Elize Verwey
TAH Bellville

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Elize matriculated from Stellenberg High School here in Cape Town and for as long as she can remember has had a love for animals. Elize has a few tortoises (some of which are almost 20 years old) and two dogs, a beagle named Samuel and a Rhodesian ridgeback named Else. In Elize’s spare time you may find her hiking, riding horses, spending quality time with family and friends or curling up on the couch with a good book.
Something you may not know about Elize is that she hates the taste of coffee, give her tea or hot chocolate any day.
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