What Is Yellow Dog?

yellow-dogYellow Dog is a campaign that appears in several countries all over the world.  It is a campaign for dogs that need more space when they are out in public. This is a great initiative to help dog owners ensure that their furry friends are not disturbed during their walk time.
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By displaying a yellow marker (ribbon) on the leash or your dog itself (bandana), you can show that your dog needs more space. Other pet owners can either give you space to move on past or keep a respectable distance between his pet and yours.

This is a good way to communicate from a distance and will help prevent unnecessary discomfort or injury.

Reasons for space:

  • You may need space for dog training.
  • Your pet may be recovering from an operation.
  • You may have adopted a dog that didn’t have a good start in life and needs time to trust and gain confidence.
  • You may have an old dog who does not want company on his walks.

*Note: If the dog has behavioural problems, always contact a dog trainer who is a certified dog behaviourist.

It’s not about: Aggressive dogs. Dogs that bite have to wear muzzles!
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