Who Said Losing Weight Was Easy?

As most of us know, losing weight has never been a quick fix and is something that takes time and effort. This dedication is exactly what Dr Bradley Hodgson and Lara the boxer are demonstrating in her fight to lose the bulge.
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Every Sunday after our run in the park we rush off to the clinic for Lara’s weekly weigh-in. It’s become a bit of a ritual in our household, as we are convinced that she must have dropped at least another kilo or two!

Much to our disappointment the scale doesn’t back us up or to the extent we had hoped for. Poor Lara has no idea why she has to hop on or hop off whilst her owners whack the scale, convinced there is something wrong with the instrument.
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Once again, we have to remind ourselves that weight loss is a journey, not a destination. We need to focus on the process and persevere. She is losing weight, albeit only one kilogram since our last encounter. The upside is that we have seen a noticeable change in her demeanour. She is far more energetic, doesn’t get short of breath as easily and is a lot more mobile. Her frame is also smaller, allowing her to snuggle up behind her brother Max on the couch during those cold winter nights – something she was not able to do previously.
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We are all still very committed to pushing Lara to lose those last few kilos. After all, the only difference between try and triumph is the last umph!

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