Why having a pet is good for your health.

Sometimes it seems as if our pets have these magical powers that make us happy, we think that might be true. Here are some ways our pets show us they care.

They listen when you’ve had a bad day.
The best thing about coming home and seeing your dog is how happy he is to see you. He runs up to you and gives you tons of kisses. When you start talking about your day, he gives you a look as though he’s listening attentively. This always takes the sting out of our bad days!

They keep you company when you’re alone.
When everyone else has plans for the weekend, and you’ve decided to cuddle up with a good book on a Saturday night, your furry friend is always ecstatic that he/she will get to spend some quality time with its human. Cats will often sense that you’re in need of a friend, and very slowly start getting closer and closer, when this happens it’s very important not to move or show any excitement – because in an instant he will leave!

They keep you sane.
Ever feel like everything around you is getting a little too overwhelming, and you look into your dog or cats eyes and feel like everything is going to be okay? Exactly.

You get to feel like a kid again.
When it’s playtime and your dog or cat is super keen to catch that ball, or that toy mouse – you get to remember what it feels like to be in awe of the small things in life. You wonder how the same ball or toy can bring your pets such joy, and then remember you too once enjoyed the simple pleasures in life.

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