Why is rehabilitation so important for my pet.

Physical rehabilitation is something that can begin immediately post operdog on fitpaws donutatively. For patients suffering from a neurological condition, the first 6 weeks is crucial for performing physical rehab and exercises to aid a faster and better recovery.

Supporting the healing process.

Physical rehabilitation is something TAH Bellville has now made a part of their patients’ healing process. Our goal is to assist patients and their owners by providing rehabilitation and therapy following surgery, illness or injury. It is also beneficial for healthy show dogs, working dogs and athletes to assist with overall conditioning or overweight dogs in need of weight loss.
Conditions treated,

General osteoarthritis
Hip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Cranial cruciate ligament disease and ruptures
Patella luxations
Post op spinals
Post op fracture repairs
Conditioning and fitness


Reduces pain
Speeds up recovery, and improves strength
Range of motion
Provides a positive psychological stimulus and strengthens bonds

There are variouspeanut_red_1 types of rehab therapies that are employed and they all have a specific purpose. The decision on what modalities are used from session to session is largely determined by the findings of the rehab therapist at the initial evaluation session. Modifications are made as the patient progresses and as the therapist sees fit.
We also offer acupuncture treatment with De Michelle Thomas and Tellington touch with Sr Debbie Conradie by appointment only.

Our rehab therapists are Sr Antoinette Smit , Sr Joanne Merry & Zandri Basson. We see patients from Monday to Friday, 10am-18:30.

To book your first assessment with the TAH Rehab clinic please call 021 919 1911

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      Which branch are you trying to phone? You are welcome to phone our 24/7 number; 021 919 1191.

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