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If you are anything like us, you too will feel that your pet is one of the family and wtah and vetshop logoe know just how big that responsibility can be. Our goal is to share this responsibility and make it easier for you to give them the very best care, so that they may live long, healthy and happy lives. In this way we hope that the relationship between you and your pet can reach its full, fun and let’s face it, sometimes crazy potential.

We believe our primary role is to educate you in how best to care for your pet and we do this in partnership and through shared decision making with you. While we may be the experts on medical matters we respect that you are the expert on your pet and the role it plays in your life. By combining our expertise we realise the best outcomes.

You may be surprised to learn that although a lot of our work involves the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, most of our efforts focus on preventing illness. We therefore put a lot of effort into education about neutering, vaccination, nutrition, parasite control, microchipping, dental care etc. and provide solutions to improve health in these areas.pets

For times when things get very complicated, we have a medicine specialist and vets with advanced surgery skills to assist. What’s more, you will have access to all the services of the TAH Group, including a full laboratory, a pet physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre, and our pet blood bank. We also offer a fully-stocked vet shop onsite to provide for all your pet care needs, as well as regular TAH promotions and specials, and even a TAH loyalty program, to make you feel part of the family. If you are not able to get to the practice, you may find it easier to visit one of our TAH Vetshops.

For more information please contact any of our practices and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will gladly assist you.

Our aim is to deliver world class professional services and products with warmth and care.iStock_000018813626Medium

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